Sealife Adventure set for two new sharks… here’s all you need to know about them

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<p><figcaption class=On its way – One of the Californian Horned Sharks (Image: Sealife Adventure)

TWO new sharks are coming to Southend’s Sealife Adventure soon!

The Eastern Esplanade aquarium announced the exciting news yesterday.

Two Californian Horned Sharks are on there way to their new home and will be on view to the public soon.

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The new sharks will form part of a Sealife Adventure’s new stranger tides exhibit.

Californian Horned Sharks are named for the venomous horns on its dorsal fins.

The horned shark can be found in the cold waters of the eastern Pacific, including the coastal areas from Southern California to the Gulf of California and areas around Ecuador and Peru.

They can grow to be between 38 and 47 inches long and eat small fish and invertebrates.

Despite being preyed upon by larger sharks and marine mammals, the horn shark is not a species of concern and has a healthy wild population.

These sharks reproduce by depositing a unique spiral-shaped egg casing, which they wedge between rocks.

A Sealife Adventure spokesman said: “We have two new Californian Horned Sharks (Heterodontus francisci) joining our aquarium very soon!

“These sharks will be part of our new Stranger Tides exhibit, located by our new ray bay.

“These sharks are a species of bullhead shark, which has a short wide head with a blunt snout, and prominent supraorbital ridges over the eyes.”

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