The food marketplace connecting home cooks with hungry customers

Chef Jodie from Mama Jo's Munchies making food for Home Munch <i>(Image: Home Munch)</i>

Chef Jodie from Mama Jo’s Munchies making food for Home Munch (Image: Home Munch)

IT’S the food marketplace connecting home cooks and street kitchens with hungry customers.

Southampton-based Home Munch aims to celebrate the unique and diverse flavors of home cooked food while supporting small businesses.

It promises delicious and distinctive dishes that are tasty and healthy and can be delivered or collected from dozens of chefs.

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The concept was launched in 2021 and is growing nationwide.

Calvin Mabi, from Home Munch, told the Daily Echo: “Our concept is simple: by connecting home cooks with people in their community who are looking for a home-cooked meal, we are able to offer an alternative to the often processed and impersonal options that dominate the food industry.

“Not only are our meals made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, but they also offer the added benefits of supporting small business owners and promoting a sense of community.

“We started Home Munch to solve the problem of limited access to high-quality, convenient and personalized home-cooked meals. As busy professionals ourselves, we found it challenging to prepare healthy and tasty meals regularly. We also saw that many people, including students and families, faced the same challenge.

“We believe that Home Munch has the potential to not only change the way people think about where their food comes from but also to make a positive impact on the local economy.

“What sets us apart is our focus on home-cooked food made by talented and passionate home cooks. We believe that there is something special about the food made in someone’s home kitchen that can’t be replicated in a restaurant or commercial kitchen. Our the platform connects customers with a diverse range of home cooks, each with their unique style and flavours, creating a truly unique and personalized culinary experience.”

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

Home Munch’s emergence after the pandemic has positioned them well in the market.

With many restaurants closing down and people looking for cheaper alternatives due to the cost of living, the platform offers an affordable and convenient option for customers to order homemade meals.

It also offers a diverse range of cuisines that cannot be found in traditional restaurants.

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

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